What is The UECS?

UECS is a messaging database. You can use this messaging system for free. You can reach to connector with https request.

UECS Url Requests

How can I register?

Click the link below to register the system. Be sure to fill all the information correctly.

User Registration

*By registering the system, you are accepting the terms of use.

What's new?

Faster than old Connector System

Improved User Experience

Easy to Use

Device System

Pipe Device

Various Message Printing Formats

Overwrite Feature

Public Device

Confirmed App

What is The Device System?

It provides to you control all your devices via one Connector account.

First, register to UECS
Then, Add devices* with one request even primitive microprocessor that has internet connection.

*The service provider has the right to change the device limit.

What is a Pipe Device?

Don't you want to keep unneccessary data? You must really try this feature.

When you receive pipe device data, data which you received are deleted from server.(English died here)
In this way, you always reach to refresh data.

To use the pipe device, please give pipe parameter as the deviceType.

More details about UECS url requests

Overwrite Feature

Your message limit is over? Don't worry about it.

When you activate the overwrite feature, the oldest message will deleted if your message limit over.
Then new message can be received.

In this way, your messaging experience will not break.

To use this feature, please select true as overwrite.

More details about UECS url requests

Various Message Printing Formats

Do you want to receive messages more readable, with more details or more efficient for parsing?

Choose the most useful of various format.

To use this feature; please select a format, when you receive messages.

More details about UECS url requests.

Public Device

Do you want to access your message without password? We present you, the Public Device.

When you select public as device type, device messages can be accessable without password and Connector account

Warning! Anyone can access their messages. (Only public device messages)

More details about UECS url requests

Confirmed App

If you have your application confirmed, your clients can create device automatically

To have your application confirmed, please click here

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Our Team

Buğra Tufan, Chief of Time Travel Operations

Ali Devrim Oğuz, Dark Arts Specialist

Altan Kaplan, Bad Coding Authority

Ekin Başar Kömür, Professional Bear Wrestler

Hasan Nayir, Dinosaur Supervisor

Do you want to Join us?

We are a non-profit organization. We only want to create a communication standard for all devices.
You can contact us to join.


Contact Us

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  • bugratufan33@gmail.com
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